You know, when you file a bankruptcy, we can get rid of or get you out of certain back taxes. Now, there are certain back taxes we can’t get you out of but many times clients are concerned and ask if they will be audited if they end up filing this bankruptcy.The simple answer is “probably not”. I have not noticed any correlation between my clients who filed bankruptcy on past taxes and receiving letters or being audited by the IRS. It is not to say that the IRS can’t audit you or go back through back taxes, but I have never seen bankruptcy as a triggering factor to an audit or geting audited through the bankruptcy court or anything of that nature.

So please, come in and see us. We would like to talk to you about back taxes and what we can do with regards to those taxes.

It is a very important question and you need to talk to an attorney who has been doing it for years and really understands all the loop holes that the IRS has to make those taxes stick to you. Give us a call or email us on this website so we can set up a free consultation to discuss your taxes in the context of bankruptcy so we can help you get out of them. We look forward to seeing you in the office.

Thank you.

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