Hi, my name is Wayne Mortensen and I am a Tucson Bankruptcy Attorney

A popular question I get when people are sitting across the desk, usually it happens at the end of the conversation, people will ask “Will I ever be able to get another credit card, or car loan, or home loan?”  I answer them …. most like you will.  Now I can’t tell you for sure because I am not obviously in the business of issuing credit, but most of my clients who have filed bankruptcy have been able to go back and get themselves into more debt.  I say it like that for a purpose.  It is very easy after filing bankruptcy to go out and get credit cards and car loans.  You should be very wise when you do this, however, because unfortunately I have what I call “repeat offenders”.

I actually have clients that I have filed bankruptcy for and years later they are in a similar situation.

Will I be able to get loans after I file bankruptcy in Arizona?

In many instances they are not in that situation because they have been frivolous or just have gone out and racked up a bunch of credit card debts.  Some of them have had really bad things happen to them; death or sickness, or lost jobs, but what that tells me is if a client is coming back into my office after a couple of years, or five years, and theyare filing bankruptcy again, they were able to get credit again and they were able to get it to the tune that they needed to come back in and file bankruptcy again. When you come in we will talk to you about that.  I am  in no position to tell you what your credit will be in the future but I am in a position to help you out of the bad situation you are in  right now.  You are in a terrible situation if you are in debt.  You are in bondage to other entities.  You need to get that straightened out so that you can get back to that financial freedom that you deserve.

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Thank you.