Hi, my name is Wayne Mortensen and I am a Tucson Bankruptcy Attorney

One of the confusing things about bankruptcy is that when people come in sometimes they don’t list all of their debts, or sometimes they don’t tell me about all their debts because they mistakenly believe that they only have to list certain debts when they file.  The bankruptcy law states that when you file a bankrutpcy, you must list and notify all creditors, and that includes everything.  If you have a home loan and want to keep the home, you have to list that creditor.  If you keep the payments current on the creditor, they will not want the home back.  If you have a car loan and you want to keep the car, you have to list the creditor and keep the car payments current.

All of the unsecured credit card debts need to be listed; student loans, personal loans, payday loans, medical bills, etc. They all need to be listed when filing.

So please, come in. If you are under the impression you can leave off a small credit card that you only owe a few hundred dollars on, you are flat wrong. You have to list that debt down. Now, you might want to pay a small credit card balance off before filing, but we can direct you on the best way and how to do that.

Come in and see us because there is a strategy involved in all of this. We look forward to seeing you.

Please contact us though our phone number or through our email on the website. We look forward to talking to you and getting you straightened out with regard to your debts.