Hi, my name is Wayne Mortensen and I am a Tucson bankruptcy attorney.

One of the questions I often get is “Do they give you a lie detector test when you file?” Well no they don’t. I have never had one of my clients go through a polygraph or a lie detector test, and really it just doesn’t happen. You know, that begs the question why would anyone ask that question? The bankruptcy laws are based on sincerity and honesty, and when you go in as a sincere and honest debtor, and list everything down, there would be no reason for a lie detector test or polygraph test. You must list all your assets. You must disclose and answer all of the questions on the Statement of Financial Affairs. That is the way the law is based. What you are asking for is to get out of what is sometimes a lot of debt. The bankruptcy laws require you to be honest in your dealings and to disclose your assets and disclose what has happened in your life over the past 2, 3 or 4 years. So when you come into our office, we will talk to you about what that is.

Will I have to pass a lie detector test to file bankruptcy?

You might have an issue where you say this might be a problem. Come in. Quit guessing. Quit swinging at ghosts. Come in and talk to us so that we can walk you through that process and give you real legal options to protect your interests.

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