Hi, my name is Wayne Mortensen and I am a bankruptcy attorney in Tucson Arizona.

I probably do more Chapter 13s than any other firm in Tucson, and I do them very well.  I have a good reputation in town and we are able to get our cases confirmed and able to get my clients their discharge that they so rightly deserve after filing their Chapter 13 case. However some of the big problems that occur in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is where a client will come in and we ask for documentation in a timely fashion.  The Chapter 13 trustee’s procedures will sometimes change and that means they change for all of my clients.   That means if I have 300 or 400 clients in my filing cabinets, that means all of them have to start complying with those new requirements.

So, when a requirement changes and the trustee asked you for certain documentation, it is very vital that you send in that information into me as quickly as possible so that I can relay that information to the trustee and get her taken care of.  If you don’t turn over documentation to the trustee, she can dismiss your case and she will dismiss your case.

It is really important to understand the power that she has over your case,  so get those documents in and if you are not working with me, and are working with another attorney, get the documents in that the trustee is asking for.  You are only doing yourself a favor.

Again, my name is Wayne Mortensen and I look forward to seeing you in the office.