Obviously, when people file bankruptcy there are certain assets you can keep and there are certain assets that can be taken away from you. Now, this is a pretty important question because obviously before you file you want to know what you can keep and what assets you can lose.

Just recently, back in September 2013, the laws were changed to expand and allow you to keep more of your property when you file. They are called then Arizona Exemption Laws and in fact, my partner, Dwayne Farnsworth, was very instrumental in helping to get those laws changed. He worked very hard with the legislature. In fact, he helped to draft some of that law that was finally and eventually passed. The bottom line is this: you are able to keep most of your household goods and items because of the Arizona Exemption Laws

When you are looking to file bankruptcy, you need to seek good legal advice before you actually file your case because there are certain things you could lose when you file so it is vital that you know what you are putting at risk before you file your case.

I get calls almost weekly from clients who filed their own bankruptcy and are now calling me to fix the problems that they created for themselves because they did not use a bankruptcy attorney.

Give us a call. Let’s avoid those problems. You would be surprised how cheap it is to file a bankruptcy.

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